This is how leading schools ensure their students' safety.

Falcon for schools

With increasing concerns and onus towards child-safety, safe-handover of children tops the agenda for any school. More so because of the scale of decisions that needs to be handled by school staff. Let’s take the case of a school with 2000 students, a fleet of 30 buses touching 600 bus-stops. On an average, there are a mammoth 1 million decisions across 30 personnel, manning buses at 600 different locations, over 300 days. Even for a school with the best processes in place, tracking something as complex as this is impossible without technology. That’s where Falcon can step in and help manage operations systematically.
Complete Trace-ability of Student
Falcon enables schools to precisely log details about each child from the moment he or she boards the bus or enters through the school gate, right up to the moment she reaches the drop-point or leaves through the school gate. Learn More
Integrated Dashboard Control
Dashboard for the school administration has been meticulously designed to flag exceptions and to make information transmission clear. The dashboard enables school admin to get to finer details of scenarios in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate manner. Learn More
Real-time Security Violation Alert
The moment a security violation is detected by the system (for example, a child getting off at the wrong stop or being picked up by an unauthorized person) there is a real-time alert issued to the school administrator through the dashboard, thereby enabling immediate action. Learn More
Automated Bus Attendance & Trip-sheets
Falcon helps automating the tedious process of logging bus attendance. With Falcon, schools can do away with the cumbersome task of taking attendance in a moving bus or collating attendance data from classrooms to get the bus attendance list. With Government mandating maintenance of bus-attendance records, Falcon helps schools do away with paperwork and puts forward the most advanced way of storing and accessing these records. Learn More
Easy To Configure & Maintain
Falcon has been built as a robust platform and gives a school complete control to make any configuration changes at their end, without having to consult the service provider. Falcon enables the administrator to make configuration changes at the click of a button. So, adding a new bus-stop, a new student or making route changes is a hassle-free, self-service process. The vendor does not need to intervene at all. Learn More
Real-time Over-speeding Alert
Most of the mishaps reported by school vehicles are due to over-speeding. Falcon helps track the speed of bus and has the unique feature of reporting speed separately when students are on board and when they are not. School gets the control to set and revise speed limits for routes at their discretion. If the bus driver exceeds the speed limit at any time, the school administrator gets an alert that enables him to take this issue up with the driver. Learn More
Parent-Teacher-School Messenger
Right communication and delivery becomes an imperative to smooth School operation. With multiple communications involving different stake-holders and priorities sent to Parents from School side, it becomes very important to move away from paper-pencil methods to more lucid technology enabled tools.

Falcon Messenger is one of a kind tool that allows different configuration options in terms of restricting communication to "one-way" or "two-way" based on users' choice. Threaded conversations allows for better traceability on topics and Schools can choose to form groups of parents to discuss on topics of common-interest. Multiple filtering options allows Schools to target messages to parents of a particular Class & Section or to parents of children taking particular School bus. More importantly the messenger module is as easy to use like any of the common messaging tools already being used. Learn More


Falcon always stays with the child, sending alerts to parents and school right through the journey from home to school and back. Keep yourself in the know at various points in time.

Know Where Exactly Is Your Child’s Bus

Know When Your Child Has Boarded The Bus

Know How Far Your Child’s Bus Is From School

Know If Your Child Has Been Picked Up By An Authorized Person

All communication with school and parents at one place

Group messaging


Bitter, but the truth is, India constantly lives in the realm of social problems. That was reason enough for a group of technology entrepreneurs to come together as Purnatva Solutions. Their mission is to find solutions to social issues that could be well addressed by technology. The inspiration came from the fact that technology can bridge this information arbitrage and help solve problems. And Falcon is the first of Purnatva’s many solutions to achieve that.

Falcon aims to be the preferred interface when it comes to ensuring safety between students and their parents / school. It’s the brainchild of thinkers with a social outlook, passion for innovation and evolving technology – leading the way in finding smart solutions while ensuring ease of use for the end-user.

IoT Focus

What steers Purnatva is that discovering solutions to such problems has a lot to do with exploring and applying the latest in technology. More importantly, the space it sees itself is the intersection of iOT, Cloud and Analytics – and that is its biggest driver. But then, problem-solving is always at the core of everything its competencies revolve around.

Customized Solutions

Purnatva’s core ambition lies in finding solutions to problems of social nature; doing that is a challenge in itself. And here’s a bunch of professionals who have the head of a technology entrepreneur and the heart of a social change-agent – blending both their traits to address real social issues.

Diversified Approach

With the staunch belief that iOT has the potential to revolutionize diverse sectors, Purnatva team aims to foray into multiple sectors like Retail, Distribution, Industrial operations in terms of iOT enabling those businesses.

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